How to find the perfect hair dryer for your hair

Most of us use hair dryers almost daily. The fact that heat, be it from a hair dryer or a hair straightener, damages our hair is by now common knowledge but there are plenty of products on the market to repair that damage. But what if instead of constantly rubbing serums and masks into the already delicate strands of hair we could minimize that damage from occurring? Prevention, not treatment, is the key to having healthy and radiant hair.

A good blow dryer that suits the hair’s needs will help you do just that. Here’s how to find the best hair dryer:

Hair type

Is your hair thick or thin? Thick hair that tend to become frizzy should be dried with a ionic or a tourmaline dryer to help it stay smooth. If your thick hair is not really frizzy but takes a long time to dry, opt for a titanium dryer. Titanium dryers dry hair faster and are also lightweight so they are a good investment if you tire easily when holding a dryer. On the other hand, if your hair is thin then stay away from titanium or ionic dryers and choose a non-ionic one to give it volume.


Check the blow dryer’s wattage before you buy it. A higher wattage means more power. For best results choose one that has at least 1500 watts. If your hair is thick choose something closer to 2000 watts.

Additional settings

Find a dryer that has different power and heat settings so that you don’t damage your hair by using a 1800 watts blow dryer on only slightly wet hair. Some dryers come with a ‘cool’ option that helps smooth down your hair so it’s a good choice if you have problems with frizz. You use the cold air mode when you’re nearly finished drying your hair to seal the follicles and make your hair sleek.

Still not sure which one is best?

The top makers of hair care and styling appliances offer a variety of hair dryers to suit every customer’s needs. One such brand is Conair, a US-based company famous for their quality products. On their website you can take a simple quiz to find out which Conair blow dryer is the perfect one for you. They even ask for your price range!

For example, if you have coarse hair that you want to keep sleek and frizz-free at all times but your money resources are limited then how about the Turbo Style Dryer 146NPN, an ionic dryer that costs around $30. It has 1875 watts, two heat setting plus a cool setting and two different attachments for when you want to style your hair differently. And if you have thin hair that is easily damaged choose the Conair Fine-hair Dryer that was built especially with damage prevention in mind. It uses ceramic components to make the heat more gentle and prevent your hair from getting dehydrated.

If you don’t know where to start shopping for blow dryers, a Conair blow dryer is a good choice. They have numerous blow dryers models so everyone can choose the one that will benefit their hair.

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